About Us

Welcome to My Doctor’s Inn, a new concept in assisted living and memory care that evolved from years of planning by an innovative group of physicians in Southeast Michigan. As a Licensed Home for the Aged, My Doctor’s Inn is unlike any other assisted living community. Our philosophy of “living with assistance” is to provide an equal balance of quality of life with quality of care. We believe that our residents, despite physical and cognitive needs, can lead vibrant and purposeful lives within our community while receiving quality care from a staff that understands and respects their individual needs.

Interview with physicians from My Doctor’s Inn

My Doctor’s Inn, located in Sterling Heights, is the first doctor owned licensed assisted living and memory care community in Michigan. Our doctors are experienced in general and geriatric care and understand the importance of professional and unique care management for those who are later in life. Our doctors are available to see our residents at our Wellness Center through scheduled appointments during the week and are on-call to the staff 24 hours. My Doctor’s Inn provides quality Assisted Living in Michigan.

Our extraordinary Main Street creates an Amazing Quality of life.

At My Doctor’s Inn, you don’t have to leave to feel outside because we bring the outdoors in to you! Our magnificent Main Street is the highlight of our community. Imagine a place to go to each day where natural light from the glass ceiling brightens the mood in a controlled atmosphere even during the cold winter months. Our three story street-like atrium complete with brick facades, street lampposts, park benches and a beautiful water feature gives our residents a setting of an “Old American Downtown”.

The Main Street at My Doctor’s Inn is specially designed so that residents who may have physical or cognitive limitations don’t have to give up normal, everyday moments and activities they have always enjoyed. Walk the street and take a rest beside the tranquil fountain. The park benches that dot the street are great for people watching or neighborly conversations. Have coffee with friends at the Bistro or spend some quiet time in our own Main Street Library. You can even bring the grandchildren as they will surely love our Fun Zone with the latest game systems provided. Pamper yourself at the Salon then create a unique project or join a sing-a-long in the Activity Center. The opportunities to delight in every day are endless.